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Published: 17th March 2009
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Imagine if a benevolent alien race landed and gave you access to a manifestation tool build around cutting-edge highly adavnced scientific tools. Would you be interested? I know I would.

Well the relatively new science of binaural beats is not far off the alien technology mark!


Binaural beats are not actual sounds as many people believe. They are created by the brain and so not exist independently. Binaural beats are an illusion created by the mind. These beats are created only in the mind and do not actually exist. It's a bit like an optical illusion only with sound instead of sight. Binaural beats occur when two sounds with slightly different frequencies are played to each ear independantly of each other.

The left ear hears one sound while the right ear hears a similar sound that fdiffers only slightly in frequency. The brain creates a beat type sound when it mixes the two sounds together. This beat has a frequency that is equal to the difference of frequency in the sound sounds. For example, if the right ear sound plays at 20 hertz and the left ear sound plays at 30 hertz the binaural beats will be heard "beating" at 10 hertz. 30 - 20 = 10!

So what is the point of hearing illusory beats that have a specific frequency?


Science has shown that when you listen to these binaural beats your brainwaves start to mirror the frequency of the beats you are listening to. This means you can create specific brainwave patterns by listening to binaural beats. But this is only the beginning!

It has been shown in hundreds of scientific studies that your brainwave patterns affect your mental, emotional and physical states. Scientists know the exact brainwave frequencies that are associated with anxiety, fear and stress. They also know the brainwave frequencies that are associated with deep sleep, deep relaxation, heightened focus, meditation, increased creativity and many more.

In fact they know just about every brainwave frequency and what the physical, mental and emotional affects of them are!

The great news is these brainwave states are easily created by listening to binaural beats. Since the discovery of how binaural beats affect the mind and body, there have been recordings designed to quickly and easily take your brain into different states. These states range from relaxation to more energy!

You can even create states of euphoria by listening to a binaural beats recording that has a frequency of between 4 and 7 hertz because it will create brainwaves that naturally release endorphins into the body.


In the personal development field they are now creating binaural beats that can help you visualize more vividly, create lucid dreams, help in the healing process and re-program your subconscious mind.

It has been demonstrated that through the use of binaural beats you can replicate hypnotioc states and states of deep meditation. How you use them is only dependant on your imagination!


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